Graduates of the Hotel Excellence! Core and Continuing Education training receive:

Reserved for You

This eNewsletter contains advance notice about newly opened and renovated properties, promotions, Marriott-related news and more.

Continuing Education Units

10 CEUs for maintenance of The Travel Institute’s CTA/CTC certification  or 8 CEUs for Association of Canadian Travel Agencies certification. CLIA advisors will earn 10 CLIA credits upon completing the HE! training.

Certificates of Completion

Signed by JW Marriott, Jr., Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marriott International.

*Qualified advisors must be affiliated with a valid ARC/IATA/IATAN/TIDS/CLIA agency. Graduates in the United States must also possess a valid IATAN VER or CLIA EMBARC ID number.

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