GDS/Reservations Information

GDS Master Chain Code

Marriott makes it easy for you to do business online by participating in all Global Distribution Systems (GDS) which provide real-time rates and availability for all Marriott hotels worldwide.

Easily search and book for Marriott International’s portfolio of brands by using the Master Chain Code EM. By requesting availability using the Master Chain Code EM, Travel Professionals can view rates for all available Marriott brands, except Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts, in the shopping search.

Marriott participates in the following GDS:

Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan.

Each brand has a unique two letter chain code. By requesting availability using the chain code, Travel Professionals can view rates for that specific Marriott brand in the shopping search. 


Marriott International is pleased to offer the same real time rates, rate descriptions, rules, and availability that Marriott reservation agents view.

Displayed rates are based on sell strategy, designed so hotels can easily present the best rates available for a specific date and may include a choice of:

  • Breakfast inclusive
  • Advance purchase
  • Concierge/Executive club
  • Long-terms stays and packages
  • Qualified rates including AAA and Senior Citizen

When requested, rates for a negotiated account will also appear.

Alternate Availability

Marriott International is pleased to offer Alternate Availability functionality with Apollo/Galileo, Worldspan and Sabre.

Alternate Availability allows you to review/book alternate properties if your initial sell request is not successful. In Apollo/Galileo, if you attempt an HOC and the hotel is not available, you will receive a hotel other property (HOP) screen and a "Hotel requested not available" message, followed by up to 3 available alternate hotels from among Marriott brands, with distance from the originally requested hotel listed for each alternate.

To select an alternate hotel from the HOP display, enter the line number for that hotel in the HOC field to generate the "Inside Availability" display for the alternate hotel. (Sabre agents, see keyword "Alternate" in DRS for more information; Worldspan agents, see keyword "Source" in GRS.)

GDS Assistance

Questions about Marriott reservations and negotiated rates secured through GDS can be submitted to our Global Channel Operations Support team at

For negotiated rates, please ensure that there is a valid contract and that the rate is not already loaded before submitting queries.

Marriott Worldwide Telephone Reservations

Representatives in Marriott Global Sales Offices around the world are available to assist with travel planning outside the United States.